Waste not, want not

has always been our purpose

It’s all about wanting to do our part to make better use of the world’s precious resources – for now and for future generations.

We believe that with the data, tools and talent now available this is more achievable than ever, but it isn’t happening because too many organizations are continuing to look back for answers not forward and are not taking concrete steps to change.

Quantiful set out to bring its purpose to life by inventing QU so we could provide companies with a simple and proven software and support to start getting rid of waste, be more efficient, empower their people with data and start acting on their sustainability promises. To this day we are continuing to innovate with QU by using a state-of-the-art forecasting technologies and bringing it to a growing number of visionary companies.

And there isn’t a moment to waste. With consumers, especially those with the most to lose demanding that companies clean up their act, Shareholders, Boards and Executives are recognising that only companies who are future proofed by demonstrably using a minimum of resources and striving to use less will survive. Not acting is no longer an option it’s only a question now of how fast.

Our Values

Our feet are on the ground

We deliver sensible and actionable solutions that work to drive a positive difference immediately.

Our hands are on the job

We listen then do what we say no matter what.

Our hearts are with each other

We respect and admire each other's ability, contribution, unique background and personality.

Our eyes are on the future

We are always looking to get one step ahead for our clients keeping them better informed, prepared and different.

Our Leadership

Alan Gourdie

Founder and Co-CEO

An innovative leader and technologist, Alan has over 30 years’experience as a senior executive working across the telecommunications and FMCG sectors in NZ, Amsterdam, Singapore, and London. Previous roles include Global Marketing Manager for Heineken (Amsterdam), and CEO (Retail) at Telecom New Zealand (Spark). Prior to starting Quantiful, Alan has been an active early-stage investor and Director.

Jamie Cormack

Founder and Co-CEO

A seasoned executive with proven experience in Australasian markets, Jamie has 20 years’ experience managing enterprise products and supply chains. He was previously Managing Director of Brightstar Services (Malaysia), a global company specializing in the reselling of mobile devices.

Rebecca Kemp

Chief Product Officer

Highly experienced Product Management professional with experience growing a hi tech start up from late stage start upto global success at EROAD. Brings global experience in software development including technology roles at Goldman Sachs UK, Honda UK, ASB Group Investments & Deloittes.

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