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Purpose-driven sales and operations planning for APAC enterprises

Nowadays all enterprise organisations agree that concerted action on sustainable use of resources is a top priority.

But customers, shareholders and other stakeholders are demanding faster action on misplaced supply, waste of financial resources due to lack of insight into better options and waste of people’s time working on the wrong things.

Recognising this priority and urgency, Quantiful has invented QU to help customers use AI technology to immediately advance their sustainability programs.

QU AI forecasting

QU's AI SaaS tool is designed to deliver highly accurate, explainable forecasts of future demand in APAC.

Combining QU data, which includes economic, social, search and event data with customers data produces deep, actionable insight into the consumer demand patterns which will shape future sales.

Our expertise

QU is currently forecasting over 30 million SKUs using over 300 million global demand signals delivering the world's most accurate forecasts for enterprises.

With deep experience in demand, marketing and portfolio planning, we love working closely with our customers to ensure they are getting the most from QU.
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For us as a telco, the secret sauce is understanding what’s going to be the next big trend in gaming and then making sure we have built our ecosystem around that. Quantiful has been helping us by using consumer and transactional data to see what’s happening in lead markets like China and Taiwan and then understanding what is going to happen in our markets in Indonesia and SEA. This has helped us to grow and given us confidence around building our media toolkit
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Crispin Tristram

Telkomsel Indonesia

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“Our priority of keeping a just in time inventory and an offer adjusted to market demand requires an excellent forecasting and purchasing planning. This is a difficult task in a truly dynamic market with significant market driven factors. Quantiful helped us to build the framework to anticipate market fluctuations and keep the leanest inventory possible without losing demand opportunities. Its AI software accuracy keeps improving constantly.”
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Manuel Alborés Cabo

Indogal Indonesia


Quantiful expands presence in Asia

Quantiful expands presence in Asia with new business operations on the ground in Singapore. This strategic move will enable the company to expand their offering and service to new customers in the region.

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