AWS and QU

Highly accurate SKU by store forecasting deploying the massive scale data storage, high-speed processing and effortless integration delivered by the latest AWS infrastructure and services
QU is a SaaS solution that uses state-of-the-art AWS services to produce highly accurate near-, mid-, long-term forecasts.
QU uses proprietary and AWS AI/ML technology to combine customer sales data with our consumer and market data trove.
With retail inventory data, QU automatically creates a True Demand™ historical view of sales, correcting for out-of-stocks in the record and forecasting that baseline to generate a more accurate forward forecast.
Manual adjustment of the AI forecast is effortless, with QU automatically disaggregating lower levels in your product hierarchy down to the SKU level.

QU Capabilities

Near term dynamic demand planning

QU forecasts hundreds of millions of SKU’s down to store level with ease, reducing lost sales and increasing stock turn and removing the need for manual intervention

Mid to long term supply planning

Accurate forecasts up to 12 months ahead helping secure vendor supply and optimize working capital through improved balance of demand and supply

Portfolio or range planning

Forecast out 24 months using market trends to identify category trends, portfolio gaps, new product opportunities and changes in consumer buying behavior

QU is enabled by AWS infrastructure and services

From the beginning, Quantiful understood the benefits of AWS cloud-based infrastructure for use with QU. In addition to stress-free infrastructure maintenance, we found Infrastructure as Code and serverless technology valuable features that reduce the cost of our solution for our customers.

Customer data can be ingested via the trusted AWS API gateway to perform S3 actions. Data is staged and cleaned primarily using AWS Redshift, an event-driven serverless computational platform that automatically transforms data and manages the computing resources required. AWS Sagemaker enables developers to create, train, and deploy machine-learning models that produce near-term, mid-term and long-term portfolio planning forecasts.

Amazon RDS simplifies the setup, operations and scaling of large and complex data sets for use by Quantiful’s UI, QU, an interactive web application.

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