QU is changing the way organisations plan for the future.

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Plan better

Improving sales forecasts from 15% - 60%

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React better 

A click of a button to deliver thousands of highly accurate forecasts

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Compete better

Use the real time voice of the market, understand future demand drivers to win the market

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For better results

Instant access to world leading ML technology, complimentary to any ERP for instant results



Product lifecycle management

Improve the accuracy of forecasts from baseline demand profiles and market assumptions using QU’s consumer demand drivers

Scenario planning

Daily exception management reporting, real time capability to identify variances to forecast, manage sales scenarios and marketing spend

Pricing and campaign optimisation

Continuous pricing optimisation using QU’s competitor data and elasticity modeling


QU: Introduction to our approach


You’ll be in good company




“We are committed to supporting New Zealand technology companies and in the case of Quantiful we are expecting to generate significant value with the use of their product.”

Rajesh Singh – Spark, GM Value Management


“They exceeded our expectations and delivered insights that we were able to use to inform critical decision making.”

Julie Rowe – Fonterra Co-operative Group, Strategic Delivery Partner


“Quantiful provided us with insights that were unique, insights that we could use to gain customer traction and that were valuable long past the date they were provided, that we have reused for different customers. And they did it with a smile and were fun to work with.”

Hastings Singh – Kingfisher Global, Managing Director (Business Development)



Our affordable subscription pricing model can be tailored to your organisation’s size and budget


Support partners

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