The world’s first consumer insight led business planning tool.

Using the latest ML technology, QU senses global, real-time consumer demand data to forecast your customers’ purchasing behaviours with unprecedented accuracy. Responsibly manage your resources, revolutionise the way you understand your consumer, put power back in your supply chain planning and amplify your financial results.

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 How does QU work?

  • Global, geo and category specific consumer demand data ingested from over  90 sources including econometric, event, search, ratings, social, media, forums and web.

  • Consumer and client data is cleaned, enriched (e.g. sentiment), prepared for deployment and uploaded into QU’s data matrix.

  • Consumer and client data streams are combined to identify and rank demand drivers influencing client product purchasing and the demand drivers are  forecast into the future.

  • Proprietary ML algorithms generate highly accurate forecasts of buying behavior and product level forecasts.


What’s under the hood

  • Scalable yet highly secure stack ensures client data  and access control is managed to enterprise grade  standards

  • AWS cloud infrastructure support data ingestion, storage and processing. Containerised architecture  allows migration to alternative cloud providers.

  • Quantiful’s QUBE™ engine drives forecasting performance deploying latest ML technologies including R for data management and analytics and ML Flow supporting continuous experimentation.

  • Beautiful, intuitive self service portal provides an elegant user experience. 



QU: Introduction to our approach