Introducing QU

QU is an AI powered SaaS tool that generates highly accurate product forecasts and explains what will drive demand in future.

An Enterprise platform for B2B and B2C

QU is built on AWS and leverages leading edge AI technologies which when combined with QU’s proprietary Machine learning algorithms affords a highly secure, state-of-the-art AI capability.


From data to insight

QU synthesizes millions of data points from hundreds of sources allowing it to predict future buying behavior then uses this insight to adjust forecasts of future sales right down to individual product level (sku).

From QU to bottom line benefits

From data to insight

QU AI forecasts are illustrated to planning teams for performance and exception management before release to ERP.

More accurate forecasts mean stock levels can be lowered with confidence while maintaining or improving availability.

QU demand drivers provide insights into future consumer buying behaviour.

Demand drivers are used by supply planners, product managers and marketers to generate insight right through from NPD to sku by location management.

Subscription Services

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Demand and marketing planning services


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