QU is an AI powered SaaS tool that generates highly accurate product forecasts and explains what will drive demand in future

Demand Forecasting

AI driven forecasts informed by future consumer demand from over 90 social and search data sources.

Interactive web portal for a streamlined and more productive connected planning processes.

Daily alerts for early mitigation of forecasting issues prevent obsolescence or out of stock scenarios.

Scenario planning to understand cost of achieving aspirational sales targets.

Integrates easily into your existing IT eco-system, cloud or on premise and compliments any existing process design.

New Product Introduction

The combination of consumer and market trends with historical product performance, delivers highly accurate new product forecasts.

Demand drivers surfaced for better targeted marketing and promotional campaign planning.

Measure the impact of real time consumer response to product launches to mitigate any material changes to early adopter demand.

Product Life Cycle Planning

Intelligent forecasts help build business cases for new products, improve launch forecast accuracy and recommend exits.

Forecasts delivered by customer segment, product and channel to grow your digital footprint.

Streamline the planning cycle with dynamic scenario and exception planning for faster decision making.

New Product Development and Portfolio Planning

Build products and portfolios by translating emerging trends and buying behaviour into true market demand.

Sense any change in emerging trends to optimise go to market campaigns to stay ahead of consumer needs and competition.

Accurately understand future market share to support efficient supplier negotiation and management.

Supply Planning

Bottom up forecasts delivering highly accurate and optimised min/max levels.

Dynamic SKU location replenishment to maximise stock availability and minimise working capital.

Daily alerts for early mitigation of unforeseen supply issues.

Align to top down forecasts to ensure an equalised demand and supply.

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