Successfully managing importing and trading with better market data and more accurate forecasts

Established in 2014, Indogal supplies frozen, dry and processed proteins to the Indonesian market. With more than 500 B2B clients, Indogal’s main focus is beef supply, both imported and domestically produced. Their products are sourced from all over the world and supplied to Indonesia’s food service industry, processed meat factories, hospitality businesses and grocery retailers.

The challenge

With a promise to be “Always available, always on time”, effective supply chain management was critical to Indogal’s service delivery. However, in 2020, their enterprise resource planning came under real pressure and the business undertook a full strategic review of its planning processes. The company had been struggling with supply in previous years, during the peak season and also the low season, with oversupply and pricing issues due to certain products flooding the market.

Indogal analysed their strengths and opportunities in the market, and identified certain external factors that were impacting demand. This highlighted the need for more accurate forecasting, that would help the company mitigate volatilities and ultimately, thrive.

“One of the biggest centres of trade in Indonesia is wet markets, which are often not legal entities but are trusted by the public for freshness. How could we forecast demand in this environment?”

Albores Cabo, Indogal

The solution

Indogal was drawn to our AI-powered software, QU, and its capability to generate highly accurate product forecasts and insights around future demand drivers. The company now relies on QU to combine economic, social, search, and event data with their customer data, to generate actionable insights around demand patterns.

For Indogal our deployment of QU was simple and inexpensive. QU used AWS technologies such as S3 to store bulk data and Dynamo DB serverless database for fast, affordable processing and use of Lambda's to automate workflows, particularly secure data transfer and data schema structuring, facilitating ease of use and management. 

This solution is helping Indogal to deliver on its brand promise and boosting their sustainability credentials and profitability, with less product waste across its organisation.

QU has allowed Indogal to align its processes with its strategic planning, sharpening its competitive edge in a complex market with more intuitive forecasting and streamlined operations.

The results

Systematic generation of short-term (6 month) forecasts has helped Indogal to understand future demand and mitigate exceptions to forecasts before they occur.

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