Quantiful Platform

Quantiful is a highly scalable, cloud-based AI planning tool designed for large retailers looking for a better planning tech stack.

Technology overview

Quantiful uses AI to generate the world’s most accurate product forecasts. Whether you're looking to increase revenue from Stock Availability or stay ahead of your competitors from a superior product selection, Quantiful has you covered.

Quantiful did not settle for the status quo to build its software. Instead, we invested in using contemporary technology that combines your data with Quantiful’s external data to ensure the most accurate forecasts and underpin those forecasts with insight and jobs to be done.

Quantiful will forecast Products by location bottom-up. We are not sensitive to the length of your forecast horizon and thrive in complex portfolios and distribution footprints. Do not settle for generic rules-based statistical forecasts, which inevitably end in high human intervention, lost sales and aged stock issues.

The Quantiful difference

Quantiful is a highly scalable, cloud-based AI-powered system that leverages AWS’s infrastructure to deliver accurate demand forecasts over a range of different planning horizons. It has been designed to be easy to integrate into your existing technology stack, and you can log into our intuitive user interface from anywhere.

Quantiful compliments your existing technology stack, ingesting your data from it and then feeding forecasts back into it to deliver operational outcomes. Depending on the use case, your data may be enriched with Quantiful’s extensive library of external data to improve planning accuracy, illustrated insight and prioritised outcomes.

Pinpointing the precise drivers of demand

To generate your forecasts, Quantiful can ingest thousands of sales-related data points per product, attributes such as colour, size, cost, discount, etc. The more data Quantiful gets as input, the more accurate and insightful your output. Your proprietary data can be combined with Quantiful’s external data to identify demand signals that can be trended and understood through a product's lifecycle.

The Quantiful engine uses the data inputs to surface the top-ranked future influences of buying behaviour that shape your demand. These are called Demand Drivers™ and are used by planners, product managers and marketers to generate insights that help:

  • Remediate exceptions to forecast
  • Identify end of life demand
  • Select new product introduction forecasts from predecessor attributes
  • Build new product development strategies by combining historical demand drivers

Unlocking the power of external data

Uniquely, Quantiful supports the ability to bring external data sets such as economic, market, social and search into its planning algorithms to improve the quality of forecasts at every stage in the horizon.

This capability is transformative in certain sectors where internal data sources don’t capture the complete picture of market demand, particularly those that change quickly and continuously, like fashion or electronics. Quantiful has access to a range of different data sources – for example, social and search platforms – that help bring the voice of the customer/market into its planning.

Multi-time-series forecasting

Quantiful is built on a multi-time series forecasting foundation, unlike many other demand planning solutions. This is ground-breaking as Quantiful takes a ‘whole of portfolio’ approach. This means forecasting the interdependencies of your entire product set, such as cannibalisation and substitution.

Quantiful will automatically correct/change the demand profile for related products if a price change or promotion occurs. This makes Quantiful’s demand plans at a portfolio level far more accurate than alternative systems that don’t have the processing power to execute scenarios across a portfolio.

Forecasting at scale

It’s all well and good being able to create highly accurate forecasts for a small set of products at a single store. However, problems arise when you try to forecast hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of product locations.

Quantiful is designed to support large retailers with millions of inventory locations. Its modern architecture and AWS backing ensure it can ingest and process terabytes of data points every day and continue to scale to deliver to meet the needs of the most complex retailers.

Quantiful customers output billions of lines of data daily and generate and ingest millions of product location forecasts without worrying about system performance or capacity.

The Quantiful interface

The interface is both intuitive and powerful. Planners predominantly use it to review forecasts, intervene, or adjust forecasts manually, where the UI will help prioritise jobs to be done. Quantiful is a single source of the truth that reports history, forecasts, and all planners' commentary at each intervention point.

By giving everyone in the business access, but not necessarily editing rights, to the same set of tools, you can get a truly integrated view of the planning process that sales, marketing and finance all share, which is crucial to managing today’s retail complex and dynamic retail environments.


Quantiful ecosystem

Integrating third-party systems is a challenge for many organisations. However, we’ve now integrated with most of the major ERPs and POS systems, so there’s not much we haven’t come across or dealt with before. We are exceptionally proficient in API-based cloud ERP solutions architecture. We make it easy for you to get data into and out of Quantiful.

Quantiful at work


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