Demand Planning

Demand Planning means reducing the gap between held inventory and actual sales. It’s about meeting demand in the most efficient way possible to help retail organisations avoid stock-outs at one end of the scale, and wastage at the other. And it’s extremely hard to get right.

Learn how Demand Planning works for our customers

Quantiful works with some of the most progressive retailers in Australasia. In partnerships with Quantiful, our customers are solving many of their most pressing and challenging business problems and in doing so, are building better, more sustainable S&OP operations.


Farmers is a leading Kiwi retailer with more than 60 stores. Learn how Farmers use Quantiful to replenish 1.4m SKU locations automatically every single week.

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Spark is New Zealand's largest telco. Spark partnered with Quantiful to help navigate one of the most turbulent periods in retail history.

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Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand's largest meat exporter. Learn how they use Quantiful to stay on top of market trends in their key export markets.

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