Quantiful partners with Jaycar to power up its demand planning

2 min read
15 February 2024

Thursday 15th February 2024, Auckland, New Zealand. Quantiful, the leader in AI-powered demand planning software for retailers, has partnered with leading Australian electronics retailer Jaycar to deliver daily AI-powered demand forecasts for nearly 10 million SKU locations.

Jaycar is a thriving electronics retailer bucking many negative trends affecting high-street retailers today. Thanks to its loyal customer base and progressive approach to portfolio management, Jaycar is experiencing strong growth across its 135+ store network across Australia and New Zealand.

One of the challenges that comes with success in any retail category is stock management. Jaycar approached Quantiful to help improve stock planning for its nearly 10 million SKU locations to reduce stock-outs and maximise sales.

Like many retailers, historically, Jaycar has relied on traditional planning processes using historical data and aggregated store categorisations to forecast demand. Jaycar’s continued growth combined with the volatility in demand today, has meant that this process can often struggle to deliver the customer experience Jaycar is famous for while allowing tight management of inventory costs.

By partnering with Quantiful, Jaycar is transforming its replenishment tools and processes. Powered by its proprietary AI engine, Quantiful will deliver DAILY demand plans for all of Jaycar’s SKU locations, allowing the retailer to set min/max stocking levels across all its stores and, in so doing, maximise sales and optimise working capital usage.

Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, Quantiful can easily integrate into Jaycar's legacy architecture, minimising the time to value and the cost associated with onboarding a new enterprise system. Jaycar can also focus its skilled people resources on higher-value activities such as portfolio planning by automating low-value, time-consuming jobs.

Jamie Cormack, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Quantiful, said, “Quantiful software is perfectly matched to the challenges presented by Jaycar. We provide millions of accurate daily forecasts to automatically set in-store stock levels, minimising lost sales and making more efficient use of working capital.”

Looking forward, Jaycar plans to use Quantiful’s Gen AI engine to help Jaycar construct a better view of the new products they should be selling at each of their 135+ locations by blending sales data with a range of external data sources provided by Quantiful.

With accurate replenishment planning, better mid-term demand and supply balancing combined with insightful portfolio planning, Jaycar is well-prepared to navigate the more volatile trading conditions that retailers worldwide expect.