Quantiful Insights at the AWS Data and Analytics Virtual Series

1 min read
17 September 2020

Quantiful Co-Founders Jamie and Alan joined the AWS Data and Analytics Virtual Series on Monday the 21st of September to share how Quantiful is using state-of-the-art AI to revolutionise business planning and is enabling enterprises to get closer to their customers than ever before.

During Quantiful’s webinar, viewers discovered how we use data from sales, consumer buying signals and macroeconomic conditions to optimise product offerings and vastly improve business forecasting, taking the guesswork out of demand planning and product management. This was brought to life through case studies with clients in the telecommunications and mobile gaming industries.

Join Quantiful at the AWS Data and Analytics Virtual Series on September 21, 2020

The AWS Australia and New Zealand Data and Analytics Virtual Series brings together a collection of business leaders and entrepreneurs who have successfully driven innovation through advanced data and analytics strategies. Quantiful joined these innovators in offering insights for marketing, technology, finance and businesses professionals who want to drive tangible business outcomes by leveraging data.

During Quantiful’s webinar, Alan and Jamie shared insights on how businesses can leverage data to build better new products/portfolios and deeper customer understanding, to improve business decision making and find efficiencies to reduce costs.

Quantiful was joined by special guest speakers who shared their experiences as clients in telecommunications and mobile gaming industries:

  • Mark Wilson, GM Supply Chain, Spark NZ - How can data help to solve the challenges that come with launching some of the world’s most anticipated phones?
  • Crispin Tristram, VP Digital Lifestyle Services, Telkomsel Indonesia - How does Telkomsel use predictive analytics to give them the upper edge in the mobile gaming industry?

Business leaders who watch this webinar will understand how data and technology drive faster, more profitable decision making to empower the best use of financial, human and natural resources.