Compare SCM Tools

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21 July 2022

Not all Supply Chain Management tools are created equal

These days, if you’re not looking to enhance your business processes with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), you’re not doing your job.

While rapid digitisation of almost every business operation has brought various SCM tools to market, not all of them are fully leveraging the latest innovations in technology. There are plenty of products that are designed to help you manage your SCM process digitally and can even go as far as making rudimentary forecasts, but a tool that can use AI and ML to make accurate predictions based on huge quantities of hard data, is the key to streamlining operations, minimising waste, maximising resources and boosting profits.

QU is an AI powered SaaS demand forecasting tool that has been developed to measure, analyse and predict product performance in real time

Take a look at this SCM tool comparison table for an at-a-glance understanding of what each tool can do.



QU - a tool for the times

QU is an AI-powered SaaS demand forecasting tool developed to measure, analyse and predict product performance in real time. Hosted on and supported by AWS, QU uses the latest AI technology, proprietary ML algorithms, and innovative design; QU draws on millions of data points from hundreds of sources. It presents powerful insights in an easily-digestible and customisable dashboard that predicts buying behavior and adjusts forecasts of future sales to individual product levels (SKU).

QU is a tool that is designed to empower people, giving them the insight and control they need to do better business.

So if your business is ready to start freeing up resource and firing up profitability…