Integrate your CRM and ERP with Big Data

2 min read
22 June 2022

Bringing AI and ML to SCM, CRM and ERP

Many businesses and platforms are beginning to understand the value of integrated business operations across SCM, CRM and ERP. Some big technology providers are even crawling towards making it happen. But all of them are missing a trick.

The real gold lies in being able to extract data from all of your business systems and correlate it with millions of data points from carefully-selected sources across the internet, across a consistent timeline. When you enrich your business data with these powerful, predictive insight-loaded data sets, you can build a much clearer picture of the circumstances and anomalies that will affect your customers’ future buying behaviour.

More data in = more accuracy out

When it comes to Demand Forecasting, the more information your systems have to base predictions upon, the better. Let’s be honest, human-powered systems (like the humble spreadsheet, for example) can only ever handle a limited amount of data. There’s also a big problem with continuity, with one person’s spreadsheet wizadry becoming the next person’s nightmare. 

one person’s spreadsheet wizadry becoming the next person’s nightmare

Next-generation digital systems, that have been designed to empower humans, can deal with and ingest vast data sets at speed, in real-time and store / present insights in a consistent (yet customisable) format. With powerful and innovative tools in their technology arsenal, businesses can identify peaks and troughs in sales figures and attribute them to specific circumstances - without burning through hundreds of admin hours. Add to that a layer of Artificial Intelligence that can learn from these data patterns and make predictions based on real-time information, and you have a system that can help you balance your demand and supply perfectly.

Empowering humans, not replacing them

Imagine a planning meeting where the biggest influence on decision-making was not how loud or determined the people around the table were, but how much information they had to back up their argument. With a data-powered solution on their side, Demand Planners can take their capability and outcomes to all-new levels of success, driving organisational change away from never-ending cycles of promotional activity towards a more accurate, streamlined and profitable way of doing business. This is not only good for the bottom line, it’s good for the planet as companies shift away from excess production and consumption towards more needs-based, sustainable models.

QU - a demand planning tool for the times

QU is an AI-powered SaaS demand forecasting tool that has been developed to measure, analyse and predict product performance in real-time. Using the latest AI technology along with proprietary ML algorithms and innovative technology design, QU draws on millions of data points from hundreds of sources. It presents powerful insights in an easily-digestible and customisable dashboard that not only predicts buying behaviour, but adjusts forecasts of future sales right down to individual product level (SKU).

QU is a tool that is designed to empower human beings, giving them the insight and control they need to do better business.

So if your business is ready to start freeing up resource and firing up profitability…